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What is Geek Pop? Plus a potted history

Highlights from the previous festival


4 March 2011: Geek Pop launches virtual festival with live gig and album release

3 March 2011: New festival promos: praise from beyond the grave… #1, #2, #3, and most bizarrely #4

27 October 2010: Geek Pop: festival seeks geek musicians

4 March 2010: Geek Pop ’10 launching with live science and music gigs

4 March 2010: crew photos – hi-res versions and other options available, please contact

Image credit: Alex Davis

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23 Feb 2010: Some exciting new celebrity promos… #1, #2, #3

11 Nov 2009: New podcast promo – download here (right click & save)

[Playlist theme by Intercontinental Music Lab].

17 Aug 2009: Science & Music Festival Announces Annual Call for Artists

4 Mar 2009: Science Takes Centre Stage at Virtual Festival

29 Feb 2008: Geek Pop ’08: A Celebration of Sci-pop Music



“Geek Pop of course has a distinguished pedigree”


“Pick of the bunch: Jonny Berliner’s bleak analysis of cosmology, ‘Dark Matter,’ is great. Just download the whole thing though, it’s all well worth a listen.”

The Times

“Celebrate geek chic by taking part in the world’s only sci-pop festival… Last year’s event was so popular that it’s back again, so log on to unleash your inner geek.”

New Scientist

“…features a wide variety of global artists in genres from folk to jazz to hip hop with one common theme: their love of science.”


The Naked Scientists spoke to festival organiser Vicky West in their 1st March 2009 show.

Venue magazine

“This year’s draws include the doctor-staffed Tetrahedron, an engineering professor, an astronomy-inspired electro outfit and renowned science writer Stuart Clark playing rock guitar.”


“Freaking awesome.”

The European Synchrotron Magazine

“Geek Pop is a music festival for that often-neglected subgroup that doesn’t want to risk spending a week away from the lab. Operating in a fully virtual environment, Geek Pop has full eco-credentials, with its stars arriving via http rather than their personal jets.”


“Judging by the eclectic content of the 08 event, this virtual festival has much to commend it. Playing to its eco-credentials, the event has a low carbon footprint – on account of it taking place only in cyberspace – and promises to be something of a hoot.”


Australia’s Diffusion Science featured an interview with festival organiser Hayley Birch in their 2008 Christmas Special.


Capital Science at Imperial College bigged up Geek Pop in their 24th February 2009 show.

The Cat Radio

In January 2010, Cat Radio featured a 20 min interview with Geek Pop crew member Jim Bell.

Musicians and Scientists

Eva Amsen’s excellent Musicians and Scientists blog featured an audio interview with festival organiser Hayley Birch on 1st March 2010.

Lab Lit

“…clever lyrics and intricate vocal harmonies… laugh-out-loud… whole-heartedly head-banging.”

Verdt a Vite

On 11 March 2010, the Norwegian science radio show Verdt a Vite featured Geek Pop songs and an interview with one of our organisers. To be honest, we don’t know what they said, but we sounded preeeetty cool in Norwegian.

Western Eye

“It’s well worth the price of a ticket… which is in fact free. With no registration, no queuing for tickets at midnight and no extortionate price tags or booking fees, this is a festival where rain and mud will never bother you… You might just be surprised and find your inner geek too.”


“Spanning all of science, Geek Pop’s music is original and very clever.”


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