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Geek Pop does science + music. We commission, curate and release music by science-inspired artists, make a monthly geek music podcast and produce live events in the UK. You may know us best for the Geek Pop virtual festival, a free online music event bringing together musicians from around the globe in a gleeful celebration of geek culture. All the performances are available to download from the website.


Geek Pop first flung open its virtual gates to the world in 2008. Back then, we didn’t have a festival site of our own and had to make do with a corner of the Null Hypothesis site. Nevertheless, Geek Pop ’08 was in its own not-even-small way, a roaring success. Tens of thousands of you turned up to hear the geektastic sounds of Amateur Transplants, Let’s Tea Party and the rest. The festival was covered by the Guardian and Nature, as well as bloggers and social networkers the world over.

In 2009, Geek Pop got its own patch and created two new stages, a green room, a VIP area and a merchandise stall to boot. We added video, interviews with the bands, a festival map and the festival diary. We were featured in the Times and on BBC radio, as well as in a multitude of podcasts and magazines, from the Mr Science Show in Australia to the magazine of the Synchroton in Grenoble.

In July 2009, we started a monthly Geek Pop podcast, which is basically an excuse for us to rattle on about music and science in a vaguely informative and unrestrained sort of way. Each month, we ask our listeners to choose some top sci-pop tunes and then we talk about their scientific content. (Sometimes we get a little off-track.) Since March 2010, the podcast has also included a live session.

Around Christmas time 2009, we enlisted Sam Church – the creative brain behind the original Geek Pop logo – to re-design the site and create us a new stage, the Comical Flask, that would play host to geek comedians at the third annual virtual festival. Perhaps most excitingly of all though, we organised our first live launch week events in 2010, featuring some of your favourite Geek Pop artists, past and present. That summer, we went on to programme a whole bunch of our acts for the Solar Powered Stage at Green Man Festival.

Recently, we produced a geek music event at the amazing Wilton’s Music Hall in London headlined by Dr Martin Austwick and band, and released an album of science-inspired songs, Geek Like Me, on our own label, featuring Geek Pop alumni Helen Arney and Jonny Berliner among others.


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