Geek Pop EP collected by THE British Library!

Geek Like Me in The British Librareeeee!

Something kinda funny happened a few weeks ago. The British Library contacted us to ask if we would send them a copy of our record. Yes, the one that we made with just a little bit (*cough* a lot) of help from some awesome artists, in March 2011. We couldn’t quite believe our emails. This surely, would be the ultimate endorsement of our geek recording – being collected by a LIBRARY. *Does a little dance* And not just any library… THE BRITISH LIBRARY! *Does chair spin until dizzy*

Of course, we didn’t waste a second. We packaged up a copy of Geek Like Me and sent it off to Andy Linehan, Curator of Popular Music at the BL (coolest job EVER), right away.

When we asked Andy why he wanted a copy, this is what he said:

“We’re always on the lookout for new music to add to our collections, particularly when released by smaller independent labels that might otherwise slip under the radar. Compilations such as Geek Like Me allow us to represent types of music or scenes that might not be widely-known or celebrated but form an important part of the national musical culture.”

Apparently the BL has been receiving all sorts of rare and random recordings of late. So… if you’ve made your own under-the-radar recording, why not ask Andy and co whether they’d like a copy? As far as we’re concerned it’s nothing less than an HONOUR to have our own British Library catalogue number! (Why, yes, we do!)

Can you tell we’re happy?

Aw, look at it in it's nice new home. It likes it there.

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