Festival of the Spoken Nerd is ON TOUR!

Hello ladies and gents. What are you doing for the next couple of months? Tell you what… don’t do ANYTHING until you’ve booked to go and see Festival of the Spoken Nerd on tour. In fact, why not just take October and November off and go to all 21 shows? Huh? Well, okay, not the ones that are already sold out. And obviously not Swindon. (JOKING!)

FOTSN, as those in the know call it, is the comedy science show hosted by our friends Helen, Matt and Steve. You’ll probably know geek songstress Helen Arney from last year’s Geek Pop EP Geek Like Me and her many performances at Geek Pop festivals. And you may know Steve Mould  as the host of our Geek Pop launch event a couple of years back. He was the guy who decided to light a FIRE on stage in the world’s oldest surviving WOODEN music hall.  (“It’ll be fine – I’ve got a risk assessment!”) Matt Parker is the other one. He’s a massive maths nerd. And funny too.

Anyway, here’s some blurb:

“After a year of sell-out shows in London and science festivals, we’re coming to a venue near you to ask: When can you use a parabola to set stuff on fire? How does the angler fish make love? And how dangerous can things get with just numbers?”

“A riotously funny show about science… brimming with unashamed. ****” – Three Weeks

We’ll be heading over to the one in Bath on 21st November. There are still TICKETS everywhere except Coventry. So Coventry is WINNING – clear contender for nerd capital of the UK… Anyway, this will be ACE, so book soon.

P.S. To celebrate the start of their tour, we’ll be publishing a new Geek Pop session featuring a song we commissioned from Helen back in May. Listen out for that on our podcast feed.

Geek Pop: September 2012

Mars Curiosity Test Rover in California

We experience the best and worst of science songwriting, barely avoid comparing Usher to Stevie Wonder, learn why we should be more afraid of cows than spiders and find ourselves doing some live and unprogrammed sports commentary on the man practicing sprint starts behind Hayley’s house. Oh and there’s some real Mars-based science stuff.

Some links for this month: Ever fancied building your own Mars Rover out of LEGO? Now you can. Thanks to Ben from @NakedScientists for this Higgs boson vid, which he says “might help when people expect you to understand and explain all of science again”. Check out our last post for the latest geeky releases, including from The Standards.

For all this month’s songs on Spotify, go here or if you want a list of all the songs we’ve ever played on the podcast, try this one.

Mars vs Venus – Usher

Lightning Bolt – Jake Bugg

Muscle Dysmorphia – Gary War

DLZ – TV on the Radio

FULL PLAY: The LHC Song – Jamie Ough (see our #SSotF winners post)

PRSClick here to choose from iTunes and other podcatchers. Subscription is free – it just means that whenever you open iTunes, it will automatically check for updates and download new podcasts. The online archive is here.

Intro/outro music by Intercontinental Music Lab. Image: Earlier this year, the test rover “Scarecrow” helped scientists from the Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) team work on the rover’s driving capabilities by rolling around the California sand dunes near Death Valley. By NASA/JPL-Caltech. (For a LEGO version of this, see Mashable).



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