August’s geeky new releases!

Geek Pop has been on a leeeeetle holiday. So in lieu of a podcast this month (don’t worry, the September one’s already been recorded) we’re bigging up a couple of shiny new releases by some friends. Try:

A Slight Distraction by The StandardsA Slight Distraction by The Standards (album)

Released: 27th August on Schnapps House Records

Arrived at Geek Pop HQ looking tasty enough to eat, courtesy of vintage-style artwork by Ben Pinwill. Delivered earworm upon earworm of rocking tunage. With songs about Mice and Drowning, the links to science are tenuous to say the least, but when has that ever stopped us from sticking something on the GP playlist? Ace.

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Fishes/Wasps by Emperor Yes (single)

Released: 8th October on Tape Club Records

From the same indie label as Bronze Medallists, Emperor Yes brings together musicians from Three Trapped Tigers, Summer Camp and House of Strange. Bleepy bloopy noises, lyrics about the evils of Hymenoptera and did we mention it comes on a limited edition CASSETTE TAPE? These dudes are IT.

See also: Moon Song by House of Strange (Geek Pop Podcast – August 2011), official video for Wasps

Science Songwriter of the Future! RESULTS!

SSotF medals

The day is upon us! Yes, today we announce the results of The Science Songwriter of the Future! competition that we’ve been running over the summer. And those right there are the medals – lovingly crafted by Lynn at Tuck Shop – that our winners will soon be receiving… But before we get down to it, a massive thank you to EVERYONE who has been involved in organising, supporting and judging SSotF. We’ve had oodles of fun, but it’s involved lots of people’s time and energy, some fervent head-scratching and some very long Skype conversations.

In particular, we at Geek Pop would like to thank: co-organisers Sociable Physics, Institute of Physics, I’m A Scientist Get Me Out of Here, Green Man Festival, House of Strange and our magnificent panel of judges.

Of course, deciding on a winner has been made all the more head-scratchingly difficult by the influx of brilliant entries we’ve had from talented, enthusiastic and generally awesome young people. The aim of SSotF was to get you guys writing about, singing about and having fun with science and we’re so pleased to see that all of those things have been happening! You’re all winners in our eyes (no cheese intended). *Virtual hugs!*

“Just tell us who has WON!” you cry! Alright, alright. So…

FIRST PRIZE: The LHC Song by Jamie Ough

Jamie told us:

“I’m glad you thought my song about particle smashing was particularly smashing. I’m 18 (just left school), and from Hertfordshire. I used free software (Mixcraft) to make the song… I played and recorded the ukulele and accordian, the glockenspiel and hand claps were synthesised through Mixcraft. It’s hard to say where exactly the idea came from. I guess it’s something to do with how much the awesome stuff happening at CERN has been in the news recently.”

And judge Tom Robinson was mighty impressed:

“Crisp, focussed and memorable. Like the best scientific laws & formulae it’s brief and to the point…  I’d play this on the radio.”

CONGRATS! Jamie wins tickets to Green Man Festival to see some awesome bands, and also to attend a special science songwriting workshop in Einstein’s Garden. PLUS, he’ll get the chance to record his song at the incredible House of Strange studios, which have hosted the likes of Mumford and Sons, Noah and the Whale, Ash and Emmy the Great. Talk about in good company!

SECOND PRIZE: Lab 13’s science song

THIRD PRIZE: Zero Air Resistance by Alannah Cowley

SOCIAL PHYSICS PRIZE: Infinite by Ben Lambert and Furat Aziz

Judge for the Social Physics category Helen Arney said:

“Marvellous… It has a few nice touches of humour and I enjoyed the structure and style – it broke out of classic verse/chorus/bridge placement.  The overdubs at the end I also really liked, where he’s trying to get across two ideas at once and that’s really hard to do.”

iTunes vouchers will be winging their way to Lab 13, Alannah, Ben and Furat very soon! Well done!

And it’s not over yet… Expect some words about the winners from our judges, field reporting from the songwriting workshop in Einstein’s Garden and the all singing, all dancing, fully produced-up version of Jamie’s LHC Song a la House of Strange. Too much excitement!

Image: Tuckshop


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