Geek Pop: July 2012

Mount St Helens before the blast

From drum and bass to Mama Cass, from the Higgs boson to supervolcanoes via Ghostbusters, it’s all here in the Geek Pop Podcast. There’s a sort of impending doom theme this month… so that there in the photo is Mount St Helens, a sleeping beauty before her famous blowout in 1980. Don’t forget to vote for the end of the world below.

This month’s Spotify list is right about here and the big ol’ bumper one is here. And here’s that link to AnAge – a list of all the oldest animals on the planet (see June ‘s podcast for old trees). Thanks to @brucew_o.

Hadron Collider – Nim Vind

Proton Pack – CERN & Nymfo

That Mountain is a Volcano – Eureka Birds

California Earthquake – Mama Cass

FULL PLAY: Avalanche in B – Cold War Kids

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Intro/outro music by Intercontinental Music Lab. Image: Held by NARA. Shows Mount St Helens around 1920-30. The sleeping beauty, peaceful and serene prior to her awakening in 1980. The people in the foreground are unknown, as is the author.


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