Geek Pop: April 2012 (GEOMETRY!)

So, things look up bit different round here don’t they? *Nodding wildly at shiny new website*

Geometry turned out to be a lot more interesting than we thought, what with fourth dimensions, hypercubes and wotnot. We even managed an enthusiastic explanation of how to make a dodecahedron out of bubbles. Better with bubbles than with paper, apparently, in case like Jim or Beth Jeans Houghton, dodecadedrons get your goat…

Watch out for some nearly-expletives in the Geek Poll. Here’s the offending link. Vote below.

Oh! And! More new things! Check out the Spotify embed thingamy containing our April playlist at the bottom of this post. Oooooh. The extended playlist includes a few late suggestions from Tweeters that didn’t quite make it onto the podcast, plus some of our own finds.

Fourth Dimension – LIGHTS

Good Ol’ Rene Descartes – Papa Razzi and the Photogs

Giving Out Our Coordinates – The Proper Nouns

Soap Bubble Geometry – Doug Fleming, Jr.

Dodecahedron – Beth Jeans Houghton & the Hooves of Destiny

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Intro/outro music by Intercontinental Music Lab. Image: Manfred Mohr (it’s hypercubes).
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Welcome to the new site folks!

It’s a work in progress, but you’ll see we’ve already done much of the heavy lifting… A few things have been left behind either because we’re planning to move them over in the next few days, or because they were just too big and awkwardly shaped.

We’re still trying to figure out how a few things work over here. It’s a bit like having turned up at your fancy new digs with a box full of casette tapes and discovering you’ve only got an iPod. But we’re getting there.

Many links will still lead back to the old site. We’re endeavouring to stop you ever having to go back there, but you may have to if you want to revisit old festivals. Other links may have gotten broken in the move. If you find any broken stuff do let us know and we’ll do our best to fix it.


Geek Pop.


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