Helen Arney at Green Man Festival

Over the weekend, Geek Pop alumnus and friend of the podcast Helen Arney appeared on the Solar Stage at Green Man Festival. Here’s a little video of her sun song.

Don’t forget, Helen also appeared on the Geek Like Me mini-album… go buy it!

Geek Pop Podcast – August 2011


This month’s show is a space special! Hooray! Telepathic communication with aliens and moon frisbees are dealt with, dismissively in some cases. Friend of the podcast, Dr Martin Austwick is on hand to provide August’s full play and we announce the winner of our Geek Like Me mini-album competition. If you want to hear more about the science behind Martin’s song ‘Luminiferous Aether’, check out Jim’s sneaky bit of moonlighting on the 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast. Or see our last post for some live snippets from Martin’s Wilton’s Music Hall performance at Geek Pop Live in March.

There are full-length versions of some of this month’s songs on Spotify (you’ll also find some spacey extras suggested by our listeners). Download links via iTunes/Soundcloud/Bandcamp below:

Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft – Klaatu

Jupiter – Neue

The Commander Thinks Aloud – The Long Winters

Moon Song – House of Strange

Luminiferous Aether – Dr Martin Austwick (full play) (and here’s the album)

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Intro/outro music by Intercontinental Music Lab.
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Image: NASA

Live at Wilton’s Music Hall

Remember Geek Pop 2011? It wasn’t that long ago. You really should remember. Anyway, we did a thing at Wilton’s Music Hall. All the nerds were there, including Dr Martin Austwick and band. It was epic. Now, it’s taken a little while, but we’ve finally got round to putting up some videos on Ye Olde You Tube – or at least Mrs Jim has (thank you!). So here are some snippets from ‘Luminiferous Aether’ and a full live recording of ‘Brownian Motion’. Unfortunately the sound hasn’t come out too well, but it’s worth watching if only for Martin’s scissor kick.

Both songs are available to buy on Martin’s album ‘Songs from the Scientific Cabaret‘.


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