Geek Pop Podcast – April 2011


We’re back after all the excitement of the 2011 Geek Pop festival, with silly things like babies in boiling tubes, frog wrestling and Arnie, and sensible things like maths and a whole segment devoted to the great Yuri Gagarin. Plus, Jim says “schmo”. And don’t forget to vote in the GEEK POLL! below.

If you’re after our April Spotify playlist, it’s here. There are only two songs on it, ’cause this month’s tracks are slightly skewy. But if you want to download them in iTunes, some of the links are below.

The Mathemagician – You & The Atom Bomb

Mama Steel – Ariel Archer (Soundcloud)

The Quest for the Golden Frog – Professor Elemental

Radio Gagarin – Karmadillo (or get the whole mini-album!)

Gagarin’s Way – Dr Stu & the Neutron Stars (Exclusive) – download as zip

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Intro/outro music by Intercontinental Music Lab.
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