Geek Pop Podcast – December

Snow geek

It’s the Christmas podcast! Complete with sleigh bells, a baby and Christmas dinner, not to mention Christmas spirit in the form of ethanol. Plus, we speak to Jon Butterworth, who’s been involved in making an album with scientists at the Large Hadron Collider, and discuss snowflakes the size of milk pans.

This month’s live session isn’t *technically* live but it was recorded exclusively for us, for the purpose of our Christmas podcast. And it is AWESOMELY geeky. Thanks to Declan Fleming for that.

Sadly, this month’s playlist was a bit obscure for Spotify, so you’ll only find one song on the list, but here it is! You can download a few more of the tracks on iTunes.

Vitamin – Kraftwerk

Points Of Order – The TLAs (details of album release here)

Machines (Back To Humans) – Queen

Snow – Arran Arctic

Live(ish) session: I Wish I Had A Smaller pKa – Declan Fleming (listen here)

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Intro/outro music by Intercontinental Music Lab.
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