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Pi or pie?No really, pi or pie?

You lucky, lucky people.

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Music to read scientific papers to

Music to read scientific papers toThe reading of a scientific paper can’t be undertaken half-heartedly, or with one eye on Twitter. It requires absolute focus and an absence of distractions. People offering you cups of tea and the postman turning up in the results section just won’t do. And you probably don’t want Lady Gaga singing ra ra ah ah ah roma roma ma at you either.

But is there a genre of music that you can listen to whilst reading hardcore science papers? Is classical the only option? Does it have to be instrumental? Or can you happily hum along to Dizzee Rascal whilst tackling quantum physics?

We want to know. So we’ve created a Spotify list called “Music to read scientific papers to“. Add your suggestions in the comments below and we’ll add them to our list. We might even play one or two in the next podcast.

Image: juliaf

Help us pay for our music licence

Geek Pop Podcast crewLovely people, we need your support. Every year, we have to pay for a new PRS music licence so we can carry on featuring all sorts of weird and wonderful songs in our podcast. So if you listen to our podcasts or live sessions and enjoy them, please consider making a donation. It’s whatever you can afford. We suggest a number of pounds equivalent to the molecular weight of your favourite atom. But whether it’s hydrogen or fermium (ch-ching!), we love you all the same.

And as an added incentive, we’ve put together an extra 3 minutes of unheard audio from the podcast, just for those who donate. It’s a bit silly, but you might like it. Just follow the link back to the site once you’re done donating.

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Geek Pop Podcast – November

The Standards at home

In this month’s show, we ponder EVIL science, find out why the moon isn’t really *that* silvery (despite what Little Richard might say) and temporarily lose our jobs to some students.

MIXCLOUD: Don’t forget, you can now listen online via MixCloud, where you’ll get full-length tracks for all the songs we play in the ordinary podcasted version. But if you want to download the show and run around with it, you’ll need good ol’ iTunes.

Thanks to The Standards for letting us into their home to record this month’s live session. It includes not just one but TWO tracks, if you listen online. The second is even a world exclusive! Blimey, get us. Ooh, and their new single ‘Like a Heart Attack‘ is out now.

As always, you’ll find links below to download the tracks on our playlist via iTunes. Or there’s a Spotify list for November here.

Sylvia – The Woe Betides (check out that video we mention)

Methuselah Mouse – The Destroyers

By the Light of the Silvery Moon – Little Richard

The Astronomer’s Love Song – Andrew Pontzen

Live session: The Standards (extended version here)

PRSSubscribe to our podcast feed through iTunes or Google. It’s like, totally free. That’s not all though. You’ll also receive a bunch of free music downloads from our previous festivals. And if you’re looking for the online archive, it’s here.

Intro/outro music by Intercontinental Music Lab.
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*Oops. We made a bit of a booboo when we sent this to iTunes. If you got a 2-min track instead of the podcast, refresh your feed now and it should work.


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