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The Geek Pop Newsletter is BACK

Hullo you lovely folks! Have you been missing our nerd jokes? Of course you have! Never fear, because the newsletter is BACK after the summer break and we’ll be entertaining you fortnightly with our special brand of geek.

The first update of the new season goes out today. To get it, email Type SUBSCRIBE ME RIGHT UP into the subject line and include your full name in the body of the email. (More details here).

Also, we need more nerd jokes, so send ’em along!

Loveyoubye! xx

Introducing: Naomi Fearn

NaomiWe’d like to introduce you to Naomi Fearn, the budding geek song writer who won our Summer Song Writing Contest. (Results announced yesterday in the September Podcast).

Here’s Naomi’s winning entry, UnGoogleable You:

UnGoogleable You – Naomi Fearn

Judges’ comments:

“A total treat, the teenage laurie anderson and bill gates dancing at the senior prom. Touching, tender, nerd and sweet.”

“I’d buy an album of this. Wonderful structure, very nice original melody, extra geek & smile points for the 140 character solo. Really nice tempo & melody variation.”

“A fully-formed indie pop song, this wouldn’t be out of place on the playlist of an independent radio station. And it has the potential to become the new stalking anthem that could finally replace “Every Breath You Take” by Police – at least, I hope so…”

“Pulls at the heartstrings as well as the nerd… strings. Fab.”

Naomi’s website is here and as she says in the song, you can easily find her Twitter feed. Naomi also asked us to mention David Deery, who helped her record the song.

We also want to mention a couple of other song writers who didn’t quite win, but did impress us muchly with their creations:


The Astronomer’s Love Song – Andrew Pontzen


“Growing 29000 plants was not the only trick, You still had to perform some Mendel arithmetic”

Mendel – Rishi Nag

Read Rishi’s blog post about writing his song, including lyrics, here.

AND THANKS ONCE AGAIN TO: Graphic Science for sponsoring that prize.

Geek Pop Podcast – September

Could it be you?

So this is the one all you budding song writers have been waiting for. The time has come for us to announce the winner of our Summer Song Writing Competition! It hasn’t been easy choosing a winner. In fact, it’s been bloody hard. You’ve all done such a darn good job.

So big thanks to our judges for making all the tough decisions, and a special shout out to Graphic Science for making it worth the winner’s while by stumping up £100 of Gadget Shop vouchers… Oooooh. Now, you’ll just have to listen to the end to see who’s won them.

And in the mean time, you can hear us trying (and failing spectacularly) to get to grips with M theory, pondering over an Inuit hymn and doing the old big-fish-little-fish-cardboard box routine (whether you can actually hear that last one is debatable).

11th Dimension – Julian Casablancas

Beautiful People – The Books

Surprise – Gunnar Madsen

Crystallography – DJ Stox

COMPETITION WINNER! Ah, you won’t find out that easily…

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Intro/outro music by Intercontinental Music Lab.
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