Geek Pop Bristol – video highlights

Finally, for those who missed out on our live launch gig in Bristol earlier this year, here are the video highlights. There’s crazy creature-based tunes and a mouth trumpet from the brilliant Bert Miller & the Animal Folk, a freestyle science rap jam sesh (what else?) from Phatmattbaker & Oort Kuiper and beautiful acoustic geekery from Jonny Berliner. For an interview with Jonny, check out the Geek Pop Green Room.


Computer GeeksBritish Science Association

Also, big hugs and kisses to Molehill Media for filming the gigs.


Part II of this set is available on their Geek Pop ’10 page. And you can download their awesome self-titled EP right here.

Bert Miller & the Animal Folk

PHATMATTBAKER & OORT KUIPERThis video contains naughty words!

Phatmattbaker aka Matt Baker Oort Kuiper aka Jon Chase were part of the Geek Pop ’10 festival.

YOUR HOST, CHRIS DUNSFORDThis video contains naughty words!

(Please note: parts of Chris’ set may not be suitable for children)

Part I of this set is here. You can also find Chris at the Geek Pop ’10 virtual festival.

JONNY BERLINERThis video contains naughty words!

Jonny was part of previous Geek Pop festivals. You can download his track Dark Matter for free at Geek Pop here or buy a whole EP of his Science Songs on iTunes.

Jonny Berliner: Science Songs

Big Geek Pop party at Green Man Festival

Bert Miller & the Animal Folk at Green Man Festival '09
Bert Miller & the Animal Folk, Einstein’s Garden, 2009

Thanks to friends in the right places we’ve got a whole bunch of artists from previous Geek Pops booked in to play Einstein’s Garden at Green Man Festival this year. The festival is sold out as of now but for all those who have already got their tickets, see you there!

We’ll also be recording special live sessions during a slot on the festival radio and at Camp Geek.

Here’s the (Geek Pop) line up (all on the Solar Stage). Click on the links to find them at previous Geek Pop virtual festivals.


1500-1530 Aidy

1630-1715 The Sound of the Ladies

1715-1815 The Layers

1815-1900 Jonny Berliner

1900-2000 Bert Miller & the Animal Folk


1300-1345 Jonny Berliner

1715-1815 Spirit of Play

1815-1900 Aidy

1900-200 Adults (previously Let’s Tea Party)


1300-1500 Phatmattbaker & Jon Chase

1630-1715 Johnny & the Chemists

1815-1900 Dalmatian Rex & the Eigentones

Get a Geek Pop T! Psssst! Cos we want to be able to identify the real geeks in the audience, we’re extending our offer on Square t-shirts until Green Man Festival. A tenner for a t-shirt plus £1.50 post and packaging. Can’t say fairer than that, boys and girls. (There’s limited availability though, so look sharp). >>>

Geek Pop Podcast – July

Rishi Nag of Karmadillo joins Aidy for a pint

It’s mayhem this month as the crew (okay, mainly Hayley) is driven to distraction by CREATURES attempting to disturb the peace and serenity of the Geek Pop studio. As a result – and due to the fact that the internet at Geek Pop HQ deserted us just before the show – there’s a slight shortfall of science in the July episode…

Our live session is from Geek Pop ’10 artist Karmadillo. Plus we bring you news of the Geek Pop summer song writing competition, in which you could win the awesomest of awesome prizes.

Click the links to find this month’s playlist tracks in iTunes or at the artist’s website, or here for our July Spotify playlist. Or try this one for all the songs we’ve ever featured on the podcast.

And in case you’re wondering, that’s Rishi Nag (right) of Karmadillo beaming away in the photo, along with Aidy, who brought us June’s live session.

Bunsen Burner – Beatnik Turtle

Black Star – Radiohead

Biochemistry Pie – Kevin Ahern

Atomic – Blondie

EXCLUSIVE Arabidopsis – Karmadillo (Live)

PRSSubscribe to our podcast feed through iTunes or Google. It’s like, totally free. That’s not all though. You’ll also receive a bunch of free music downloads from our previous festivals. And if you’re looking for the online archive, it’s here.

Introducing: The Judges

Right. These are the people you need to impress/bribe to win that song writing prize.

Judge Helen

Helen Arney, geek songstress

Helen is a comedian, singer-songwriter, ex-physicist and geek. She has performed her unusually funny original songs at Geek Pop Live and the Cheltenham Science Festival, as well as in her own bedroom and on YouTube. A veteran of two Edinburgh Fringe festivals, she’s taking a new solo show there for 2010: Helen Arney’s Songs for Modern Loving. Expect songs, laughs and Venn diagrams.

Judge Hayley

Hayley Birch, Creator, Geek Pop

One of our resident nerds, Hayley is in charge of our annual festival and co-hosts the Geek Pop podcast in her spare time, whilst somehow managing to hold down a “proper” job as a science writer. Despite being able to play odd bits of everything from Fleetwood Mac to Green Day, she’s never quite sat down long enough to learn a whole song.

Judge Ben J

Ben Johnson, Director, Graphic Science

Ben is director of the science communication consultancy Graphic Science. He’s something of an expert in innovative ways of delivering scientific content and thus singing about it is right up his street. Graphic Science sponsors the “Most Contrived Rhyme” prize.

Judge Ben V

Ben Valsler, Producer, Naked Scientists

Ben is a professional audio whizz. He’s also a latent musician, with several guitars gathering dust at home while he spends his days producing for the BBC radio show The Naked Scientists. He’s a fan of Pink Floyd, Tom Waits and Joanna Newsom, but his Shakira fetish sometimes gets the better of him.


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