Summer song writing challenge

This fella's having a good go. Shame he couldn't clean his vest.Listen up! We’re putting your song writing skills to the test. Your task is to write and record your very own geek summer hit single. You can cover any geek-related topic you like – think particle accelerators, Dr Who, trigonometry – but it must be all your own work. (You don’t have to be a musical genius, but we will award bonus points if you make us laugh.)

You’re encouraged to enlist the help of your entire office, science class or lab. Once you’ve penned your masterpiece, record it and send it to us in the form of a digital music file, You Tube video or plain old physical CD.

WHAT DO I WIN? Thanks to the donations of some awesome folks at The Economist, Deafness Research UK, Naked Scientists and Graphic Science, the top prize is nothing less than immense.

Not only will we play the winner’s song, in full, on the Geek Pop podcast, we’ll send you: £75 of Gadget Shop vouchers, a coveted Geek Pop Square t-shirt, 7Digital music vouchers for ten free downloads, Geek Pop pin badges for you and up to ten co-writers and an assortment of popular science books, including Poseidon’s Steed by Helen Scales, a signed copy of Big Bang by Simon Singh, Crisp Packet Fireworks by Chris Smith and Dave Ansell, and the “Introducing” series books for Stephen Hawking, Time and Darwin. Oh and of course, you get a big ol’ slice of glory pie. Mmm-mmmm.

PLUS! Extra prizes! The Graphic Science Most Contrived Rhyme Prize winner will receive £25 of Gadget Shop vouchers. And we at Geek Pop will award a Geek Pop pin badge to the songwriter of each valid entry.

HOW DO I ENTER? Send your MP3 file or You Tube link to or ask us for a postal address to send a CD. The deadline is 17:00 BST on 31 August 2010.

If you know anyone else who might be up to the challenge, why not share this with them using the button at the bottom of this post?

Hey, and make sure you do your homework: check out the songs we’ve featured previously on the podcast for inspiration, and who you need to impress to win.

Some rules:

1. Songs must not have been released, or otherwise made widely available, before the competition deadline.

2. Instruments are not essential – the prize is for song writing. So feel free to record a capella, or even get someone with superior vocal talents to sing it for you.

3. Explicit lyrics are okay, but please provide a clean or “bleeped” version too.

4. No “borrowing” from other artists.

5. The judges‘ decision is final. MWAH HA HA HA.

6. Bribes may be accepted, but only if they are really, really good.

Geek Pop: the documentary

So someone called Drew, aided by friend of the crew Dr Gav, has produced four (FOUR!) HEE-larious videos about the Geek Pop London gig. Besides some quite-good jokes by compere Chris Dunsford and cutesy geek pop lovin’ from Helen Arney, this one (part III) also features some excellent shots of Hayley chewing her thumb and Dr Gav looking like he’d had more than one pint (tip: that’s cos he had).

For the other three, check out Drew Kirk’s rather marvellous website – part I, part II, part IV. Oh, and see if you can pick up Jim on his stunning lack of accuracy (or just plain wrongness) about the beginnings of Geek Pop in part II.

Geek Pop Podcast – June


We pull out two of the classics of the geek pop genre this month, as we tackle Tom Lehrer’s Element Song and a spot of Monty Python. Both excellent suggestions from our listeners, so keep on sending them in! The address, as always, is

The live session in June is from Aidy, one of our artists from this year’s festival. You can go to Aidy’s website to download his entire album. And here’s the archive for all our live sessions from previous months.

Click the links to find this month’s playlist tracks in iTunes or here for our June Spotify playlist. Or there’s this one including all the songs we’ve ever featured on the podcast.

ADD SUV – Uffie ft. Pharrell Williams

The Element Song – Tom Lehrer

Chemical Calisthenics – Blackilicious

The Galaxy Song – Monty Python

EXCLUSIVE: 3 Monkeys (live) – Aidy

PRSSubscribe to our podcast feed through iTunes or Google. It’s like, totally free. That’s not all though. You’ll also receive a bunch of free music downloads from our previous festivals. And if you’re looking for the online archive, it’s here.


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