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Following our live gigs, we’ve got a few red and black Square t-shirts left at Geek Pop HQ. And because we want them to go to good homes, we’ll send you one for a tenner (20% discount on normal shop price) and just £1.50 post and packaging anywhere in the world, before the end of May. How’s that for a deal?


But ONLY until the end of May. You have five days… GO!

The Essential Collection for Nerds 2010

Just this morning, we came up with an ingenious idea. “Let’s make a Geek Pop album!” we thought. Then we considered the colossal amount of work this would doubtless entail and gave up on it. But THEN we thought: why not bundle up all our favourite songs from the last year’s worth of podcasts and make some sort of Geek Pop compilation mega-mix? This being the internet, you don’t actually have to MAKE the compilation, so we’ve just included all the links to the songs so you can pick and choose them from iTunes at your leisure, or download the lot (for a rather reasonable £5.53 total, unfortunately money that goes into Apple’s pocket and not ours).

Anyway, enjoy! These are our ten nerd picks for 2010.

***UPDATE 30/06/10*** Here’s some cover art for your homemade compilation.

The Soft Bulletin - Flaming LipsRace for the Prize – Flaming Lips (1999)

From the album The Soft Bulletin, ‘Race for the Prize’ tells the story of two scientists “racing for the good of all mankind.” What exactly they were trying to do we don’t know, but it was certainly apt in a time when geneticists Craig Venter and Francis Collins were battling it out to complete one of mankind’s biggest ever science projects – the sequencing of the human genome.

Featured on the July 2009 podcast | Download in iTunes (£0.79)

Hope Chest - 10,000 ManiacsPlanned Obsolescence – 10,000 Maniacs (1982)

Apparently something of a meditation on the reductionist nature of science, ‘Planned Obsolescence’ was one of the Maniacs’ very first tracks, released on their debut EP in 1982. Does science remove all the mystery from life? Or do discoveries only uncover new mysteries?

Featured on the November 2009 podcast | Download in iTunes (£0.79)

Flood - They Might Be GiantsParticle Man – They Might Be Giants (1990)

A potentially baffling but unshakably catchy contribution to nerd music by alt-rockers They Might Be Giants. Particle Man (whoever he is) gets into a fight with Triangle Man. There’s also Person Man and Universe Man. We don’t know who they all are, but it’s got particles in it.

Featured on the January 2010 podcast | Download in iTunes (£0.79)

Spirit of Play (Geek Pop '09)Geek of the Week (Live) – Spirit of Play (2009)

In celebrating the life of the geek, Spirit of Play have captured the true essence of Geek Pop. “I’m geek of the week, and I’m not ashamed. Got three letters after my name…” Silly, fun and beautifully performed in this acoustic version from Geek Pop London 2010.

Featured on the 26 March 2010 podcast | Download here (right click and Save As) courtesy of Spirit of Play – thanks guys!

Richard EveThe Ballad of Tony Plankton – Stay Naked (c. 1996)

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any sillier, up pops Stay Naked with its gentle electronica and… well, plankton-based music. There’s all sorts of science in this, mostly centred around food chains. But it really makes the grade due to these lyrics: “Please, Mr Whale go away, Haven’t you eaten already?, There’s plenty of other stuff so bugger off.”

Featured on the February 2010 podcast | Download here (right click and choose Save As) courtesy of Richard Eve – thanks!

Open Season - British Sea PowerOh, Larsen B – British Sea Power (2005)

Famously (or less so if you happen not to be quite such a nerd) written about the disintegration of the Antarctic ice shelf Larsen B. It’s a tragic tale of our time; even British Sea Power’s heroic offer (“you can fall on me”) wouldn’t have been enough to save the 500 billion tonnes of pack ice and snow that came crashing down in 2002.

Featured on the August 2009 podcast | Download in iTunes (£0.79)

J5 (Deluxe Edition)Lesson 6: The Lecture – Jurassic 5 (c. 1997)

Proper old school hip hop from ‘Cut Chemist’, a member of the J5 crew , ‘Lesson 6’ appears in different guises on the Eponymous and Deep Concentration albums. Samples apparently include excerpts from chemistry lectures, including a reading of the oxidation states of various chemical elements.

Featured on the January 2010 podcast | Download in iTunes (£0.79)

The Grand Tour - The Sound of the LadiesThe Grand Tour – The Sound of the Ladies (2009)

From Martin Austwick’s beautiful EP of songs about space, the Grand Tour is the pick of the bunch, and features in our Geek Pop ’10 festival celebrations. Be sure to also listen to the acoustic version released exclusively at Geek Pop in April 2010. Oh, and it’s about a tour of the Solar System.

Featured on the April 2010 podcast | Download here or at TSOTL’s website (donation optional)

Zager & EvansIn the Year 2525 – Zager & Evans (1969)

The oldest of our compilation tracks, this is a bizarre mix of Spanish-sounding guitar and technological prophecies. (“In the year 5555, Your arms are hanging limp at your sides, Your legs got nothing to do, Some machine is doing that for you.”) Check out the You Tube video too. Priceless.

Featured on the August 2009 podcast | Download in iTunes (£0.79)

The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink FloydEclipse – Pink Floyd (1973)

It doesn’t get any better than this for geek rock. So we’ve nothing else to say about it really, except: listen.

Featured on the July 2009 podcast | Download in iTunes (£0.79)

Here’s the same list on Spotify (minus a few exclusives that you’ll just have to download here).

Geek Pop Podcast – May

Amateur Transplants

Continuing with our new format, we bring you an exclusive live session from Adam Kay and Suman Biswas of Amateur Transplants, the singing doctor duo. No interview though – but there’s a whole story to be told about that…

Also on this month’s medicine-themed podcast: disease, another classic track from Geek Pop faves Flaming Lips (check out our first ever podcast for the other), more disease, and Hayley’s surprise turns sour.

Click the links to find this month’s playlist tracks in iTunes or here for our May Spotify playlist. Or there’s this one including all the songs we’ve ever featured on the podcast.

Masterswarm – Andrew Bird

Senses Working Overtime – XTC

Hospital – The Lemonheads

Free Radicals – Flaming Lips

EXCLUSIVE: Amateur Transplants at the Redgrave Theatre, Bristol

Oh, and make sure you check out Amateur Transplants’ website for their CDs or the Live Transplants site for tour dates.

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