Second live date confirmed for 2010!

Live gig!

Hoorah! So the second live date of our Geek Pop ’10 mini-tour – the London gig – has finally been confirmed!

Hopes of securing a venue for the gig before Christmas had faded following the realisation that the planned date would clash with St Patrick’s Day celebrations. But thanks to co-organiser Science and Pies, we’ve succeeded at the last minute. Here’s hoping we won’t be met with hoards of blank-faced Irish people wondering what the Dickens we’re doing. (Irish people in general, though, are very welcome. Let’s not get xenophobic.)

So here are some details. The official title of the event is Geek Pop presents… The Science Sessions. And sorry to everyone who received the wrong date in the recent newsletter – as a result of our over-excitement, we told you it was ten days earlier than it actually is.

WHERE? The Miller, London Bridge [map]

WHEN? 18th March 2010

WHO? These lovely people: Dr Stu & the Neutron Stars, Spirit of Play, Helen Arney

If you are a member of the media and would like to enquire about attending, please get in touch at

Geek Pop Playlist – December (xmas spesh!)


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The December Playlist is our Christmas bonanza! Not only do we have an interview with a legend of geek music from BRITISH SEA POWER (latest album Man of Aran on iTunes here), there’s a Christmas quiz and a purpose made Christmas carol. Happy Christmas one and all! Oh, and most of this month’s songs are too obscure for Spotify but you can still find a couple there. That Spells DNA -Jonathan Coulton Evolutionary Carol – Darwin Tunes [Darwin Tunes project] [ccMixter] Bunsen Burner – John Otway Emily – Joanna Newsom Stockholm Syndrome -Yo La Tengo Use the comment box, tweet at @geekpop or email to let us know what you think about the science behind the songs. Thanks to Intercontinental Music Lab for their awesome intro and outro music, taken from Probe II’s Golden Message on the Superheroes of Space album. And also to Oli Whitworth for audio services…


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