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Computer Geeks discountOur live launch event sponsor Computer Geeks offers local IT support, as well as remote PC tune-ups anywhere in the world (despite being based in Bristol – clever eh?). They can even organise a tune-up while you’re out of the house, working, jogging, trainspotting or whatever you like to do.

In partnership with Geek Pop, Computer Geeks is offering a 20% discount on its PC tune-up service. Fans can claim the discount simply by quoting “GEEK POP” when calling to order – you’ll pay £39 instead of the usual £49. You do the maths. (Well done, yes, that’s £10 off).

Details of Computer Geeks tune-up service:

Dramatically increases performance (as good as new) and makes sure that virus and spyware infections are protected against for the future.

Audit and update/replace Antivirus, Spyware and Firewall software | Perform all Windows (or related) system updates including service packs, and fix Windows update if necessary | Clean all registry, temporary files + application references before, during and after the Tune-Up | Uninstall any malware | Correct any application errors | Full spyware scan | Full virus scan | Tuning of programs loading on startup | Defrag if necessary | Aesthetic enhancements / desktop cleanup

+44(0)117 325 0370 (Don’t forget to quote “GEEK POP”!)

+44(0)845 862 1637

Geek Pop Playlist – October

Geek Pop Playlist

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This month, our Playlist prompts discussion of a random collection of weird and wonderful things, including spaghettification, strangeness, supernovas… and pagophagia. (Yet again, Hayley is unable to read her own writing and calls it “papophagia”). You can also find this Playlist on Spotify (sorry, no Black Hole on Spotify, apparently).

Electron Blue – R.E.M.

Quark, Strangeness and Charm – Hawkwind

Black Hole – Aqualung

Addicted to Love -Robert Palmer

Science is Golden – The Grates [check out the “kooky” video]

Use the comment box, tweet at @geekpop or email to let us know what you think about the science behind the songs.

Thanks to Intercontinental Music Lab for their awesome intro and outro music, taken from Probe II’s Golden Message on the Superheroes of Space album.


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