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Hey hey! Sorry for the silence. Twitter is taking up so much of our time these days we’ve barely had a moment to blog – proof, though, that we are in fact uber-geeks…

Anyway, we’ve been up to all sorts: revamping the website (which now looks AWE-some, even if we do say so ourselves), booking bands for next year’s virtual festival and, of course, putting together the line ups for our live events in March. For a few clues to who might be involved, listen to September’s Playlist podcast.

Now, there’s also been a deafening silence on the email front for all our lovely subscribers. But never fear, the all-new and improved Geek Pop newsletter will be sailing into your inboxes again in the next week. And guess what that means? We need new nerdy jokes! So send ’em along and we’ll arrange a shout out for you and your Twitter page/podcast/mobile disco/dog.

As regular subscribers will know, the newsletter is not just some boring list of what we’ve had for breakfast for the past fortnight (actually, that would be quite entertaining); it’s an outlet for all the madcap stuff that doesn’t fit on this here blog or in 140 character tweets. It’s full of funny stuff, geeky stuff, made-up stuff and, of course, opportunities for you to win Geek Pop pin badges. (As we said earlier to someone, they’re practically currency around here). And thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, there might even be some more exciting and/or expensive prizes this year…

Also, importantly, subscribing to the newsletter will guarantee you first dibs on tickets to the launch events in March AND access to the virtual VIP room when the festival goes live – a must for media types and those who enjoy amusing/sweary outtakes.

So, now that we’ve got you chomping at the bit to find out how you can subscribe… wait for it… we’re going to tell you! Hoorah! All you have to do is send an email to with the subject line “SUBSCRIBE ME RIGHT UP!” Please include your full name. And while you’re at it, include your nerdy jokes too.

Playlist promo

@revoltingross asked us if we had a promo for the Playlist podcast. We didn’t… but we do now! And here it is. Feel free to use it on your show/blog/website.

If you do upload it anywhere else, please thank Intercontinental Music Lab for the awesome Playlist theme, taken from Probe II’s Golden Message on the Superheroes of Space album.

(right click here and Save As to download)

Geek Pop Playlist – September

Geek Pop Playlist

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This month it’s all drugs and rock and roll (and space), as we discuss cocaine and Betelgeuse. Listen to the Playlist picks, then follow the links from the blog to find your favourite sci-pop tunes. You can also find this Playlist on Spotify.

Rest My Chemistry – Interpol

Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine – The White Stripes

Far Out – Blur

Science is Real – They Might Be Giants

Intergalactic – Beastie Boys

Use the comment box, tweet at @geekpop or email to let us know what you think about the science behind the songs.

Thanks to Intercontinental Music Lab for their awesome intro and outro music, taken from Probe II’s Golden Message on the Superheroes of Space album.


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