Geek Pop Playlist – July

Geek Pop Playlist

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Once you’ve listened to us rambling about this month’s playlist picks, follow the links from the blog to find music tracks from the podcast. You can also listen to the tracks from this playlist on Spotify (but there’s no ‘Laika’ on Spotify, sadly).

Race for the Prize – Flaming Lips

She Blinded Me with Science – Thomas Dolby

Dinosaurs – Bonobo

Laika – Intercontinental Music Lab

Eclipse – Pink Floyd

Use the comment box, tweet at @geekpop or email to let us know what you think about the science behind the songs.

Thanks to Intercontinental Music Lab for their wonderful intro and outro music, which is taken from Probe II’s Golden Message on the Superheroes of Space album.

We Love You Richard

We Love You Richard

Geek Pop would like to pay tribute to Richard Ayoade – “Moss” of IT Crowd fame – by asking its listeners to post love poems dedicated to this talented actor.

This is not at all a desperate and possibly ill-advised attempt to attract Richard’s attention in order that we might ask him to come and make geeky jokes for a Geek Pop gig/podcast/interview/celebrity pin badge endorsement. However, if he was in any way inclined to do so, we wouldn’t mind. At all.

Geek Pop gets physical

Geek Pop '10Guess what? Geek Pop is going live. Or non-virtual. Or physical. However you want to look at it.

Yep, in 2010, the Geek Pop crew will be touring the UK, playing host to some real-life geeky music events. So far, we have plans for Bristol, Cambridge and London during Geek Pop launch week (12th-21st March – technically longer than a week, but shhh).

Before you ask, this is by no means the end of the virtual festival – far from it. In fact, if anything, it means it’s getting bigger. We’ll be sticking all the performances on t’interweb, so if you’re not within reach of one of the launch venues you can watch it all online, with a pint of cider (or a nice hot cuppa, if you so wish… it will be March). And all the rest of the performances will be accessible via the virtual stages, as per usual.

We know what you’re thinking… What’s with all this “live” malarky? Isn’t Geek Pop supposed to be entirely virtual? Well, that’s a very good point. But you see, we’d like to meet some of our lovely fans in the flesh. And give some of our artists the chance to shine under the media spotlight – we’ll be inviting along (probably bribing with glasses of wine) some media types to cover the event.

Of course, the whole thing will be greened up to the max – artists arriving on bicycles, tickets made of leaves, that sort of thing. (Okay, we exaggerate, but it will be environmentally friendly, promise).

So that’s our exciting announcement for this week.

Incidentally, if you’d like to sponsor one of these glorious events, or indeed, one of next year’s stages, do get in touch.

Snapped: Robert Winston geeking it up

Clearly visible in the image below – the Geek Pop pin badge!

Image courtesy of Conor Cahill – thanks Conor.

Robert Winston with Geek Pop pin badge!

Become as stylish as Rob and get your own.


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