Let’s talk…

Let's TalkLet’s cut to the chase: we’re afraid Geek Pop may die this year without your help. What we need is your ideas, advice and support to make sure next year’s festival 1) takes place and 2) gets bigger and better. You can add your thoughts below or email us at

To get you thinking, here are a few random ideas from our artists and our own mad brains. We know you lot have your fingers in all sorts of pies, so you may be able to help us out in one of these areas.

1) Organise a live (i.e. physical not virtual) launch event during launch week for GP ’10. Charge a small entrance fee and/or attract sponsorship from local geek/eco/sciencey businesses.

2) As last year, secure commercial sponsorship for specific tents – but we also need to find one or several sponsors for the festival in general.

3) Enlist help from brilliant design students as volunteers to pimp the site – illustration and animation skills lacking here. Could provide fodder for design portfolios.

4) Find in-kind support from web developers for a revamp.

5) Sell our bodies on the streets.

Please, please, please, if these are your pies (so to speak) or you have any other genius ideas, post your comments below or get in touch at

Songs for fishermen

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!

We’re not the only ones mad enough to make music about science! As proof, we present music and chat from University of Wisconsin-Madison social scientists Andy Isham and Bret Shaw, who are on a mission to stop the spread of fish disease. Excuse the dodgy phone link up to the States and enjoy the tunes.

Follow the link to the Wisconsin-Madison music website here, or if you’re reading this in iTunes, type “aquatic invasive species songs” into Google.

Andy Isham is also guitarist and vocalist for The Treats. Check out their web page at or order their latest album at CD Baby.

A princely sum / Geek Pop mini mix tape

Of late, the Geek Pop/Sounds of Science crew has been ploughing all of its efforts into securing some dosh – as you can imagine, being a not-for-profit event doesn’t do wonders for your bank balance. We’ve applied for arts funding for Geek Pop ’10 and are awaiting the decision of the judging panel with baited breath. We also recently entered a business competition to try to get our hands on some cash for Sounds of Science. And the good news is: we’ve been awarded the princely sum of £100.

Okay, so we’re far from being millionaires, but £100 goes a long way towards buying a better mic or upgrading our audio editing software to improve the sound quality of all of our recordings – including Geek Pop ’10. (We did consider investing in “ideas generation”, which, given that we didn’t win the first prize of a rent-free office space, would have had to take place in the pub. However, given the location, we couldn’t guarantee all of the ideas would be good ones).

Anyway, we do like to waffle on… In case anyone is interested, we made a quick “mix tape” of recent projects for the pitching presentation – listen below.


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