Ooh, shiny, shiny


Check out the shiny curves of our new GEEK POP PIN BADGE! Is it not the most splendid thing you ever saw? Oh, indeed it is.

And where can one get one’s hands on such a thing? Well, if you scurry along to our new GEEK POP SHOP you can pick up some official Geek Pop festival merchandise. There you will find gifts galore… well, just pins, mugs and mousemats actually, but there will be more, including official festival t-shirts, in the coming weeks.

And what, pray tell, would one do with a Geek Pop pin badge? Well, you could stick it on your bag, on your lapel, or on your hat. Or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous you could pin it to your pants or use it to pop party balloons. We don’t mind!

Just remember, that by buying a Geek Pop pin, you’re showing your support for all those performers who have kindly lent us their time and talents for free. Geek Pop is not a profit-making organisation and any money we make will be used to help improve the festival.

Pin badge design by Sam Church

Our lovely sponsors: 7digital

Happy New Year to all the geeks out there and many thanks for all your support. And thanks especially to the lovely people at 7digital, who are now sponsoring the Tesla Tent at Geek Pop ’09. Which means… you’ll be able to get your hands (ears, actually) on some great free music downloads when the festival goes live in March. (In addition to geek music downloads from the festival itself, which of course, are free, free, FREEEEE!) Spiffing.


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