Some shameless self promotion

Thanks to Marc West in Australia for featuring Geek Pop on the Mr Science Show and Diffusion Radio. And hello to all our Southern Hemisphere fans, who should be arriving right about now!

(The Mr Science Show is quite good too. Go and have a listen, but make sure you come back…)

The Stages

Following an extremely fruitful Geek Pop meeting this morning, the name of the main stage has been decided. So to add to the Reproductive Stage and Tesla Tent, we have… drum roll… The Tetrahedron Stage. Huzzah!

(In case you haven’t worked it out yet, this is in homage to a certain pyramid-shaped stage at another slightly more famous music festival… Although we should make the distinction between the two: the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury is in fact a less attractive “square” pyramid. Our Tetrahedron Stage will be a proper triangular pyramid).


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